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Gifted 27 years old, Krampf has already been noticed by all party lovers. His incredible sets make him one of the most talented djs of his generation. From French rap to Hardstyle, crossing Taylor Swift & Headhunterz & Lil Uzi Vert, mixing Kuduro with Hard trance. Just like this new generation, touching everything, curious and furiously revolted. He oscillates between his work as art director for artists such as Hyacinthe, Oklou, MZ, Set&Match, his card director of clip / 3D Animator with his sidekick the overproductive director Kevin Elamrani-Lince / Producer; after having produced for Maud Geffray, TDJ, ascendant vierge, Rallye, Las Aves, Bamao Yendé but also as remixers outstanding as for Maud Geffray on Pan European, Pelican Fly, Casual Gabberz or Live from Earth. After a first EP "What Is The DJ If He Can't Care" with nearly a million streams and a live with the artist OkLou, Krampf mixes video game and pop music and continues his exploration either as a fiery MC of Casual Gabberz or as a super efficient DJ with TDJ, Voiron, Las Aves...



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