ascendant vierge

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ascendant vierge is a new transnational and trans-musical Brussels-based duo formed by lyrical goth-pop singer-songwriter-performer Mathilde Fernandez and DJ and producer Paul Seul, also known to be the co-founder of the collective Casual Gabberz. Before starting this new project, the two artists already connected in 2018, when Seul remixed Fernandez‘s single “Oubliette”.
In astrology, the virgin ascendancy is known for its prudence and its very orderly side. This sounds pretty ironic as “Influenceur”, their debut single, is anything but quiet and tidy. On the contrary, this is a flamboyant song driven by a gabber beat that pounds hard and fast and Fernandez‘ otherworldly, operatic singing.
First EP on Live From Earth : "Vierge" is a roller Coster of influences, somewhere between Rammstein, Nina Hagen or Scooter. ascendant vierge is what pop music was waiting.



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