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SIRUS HOOD is a French artist whose musical and visual universe is influenced by Ghetto House.
It combines Deep House and 80sā€™ Chicago Hip House movement to revisit the Booty House style, a genre he wants to push the limits of.

Talented and innovative producer, SIRUS HOOD presents a new vision of the underground culture.
It is focus on an alternative culture and different approach to hyper communication. A way to offer an authentic approach with regards to his fans.

In an era where everything is revolving around intrusive social networking, SIRUS HOOD took a stand by refusing any form of stardom.
Deeply old school and rebellious, he decided to play with his face partially covered, mixing mystery and passion. One way to aim atten- tion at his music and carry a strong message ā€œ no trends, no fame, no buzz, only good music ā€œ

This individual approach is as passionate as it is audacious, especially in current times.