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Maud Geffray and Sébastien Chenut, who's the French duet Scratch Massive have released their 3rd album studio, "Nuit De Mes Rêves", an excursion fantasized in homage to most great moments of the new-wave of the 80s, was revisited in the light of 20 years of techno. A melancholic and distinguished(thoroughbred) dive where invited each other the french whiz kidKoudlam, prodigious Chloé, as eternal star with falsetto voice Jimmy Somervilleon "Take Me There" to spin shivers in the most hardened. A record ahead of his period which today celebrates and draws cheerfully in the 80s as the golden age of the electronic composition. After several classics like their track "GIRLS ON TOPS" still playlisted aroud the world today and to continue the adventure they release a new LIVE album "Communion" and got several young remixers for it :Villanova, Stuff, Museum, new video clips directed by Edouard Salier, Zoé Cassavetes also on tour with their brand new live who's feature their marvelous new drummer Léonie Pernet , who's incarnate the futur of the french scene.


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